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What is Angelic reiki?

How does it differ from more traditional variations of reiki?

Are there certifications required in order to practice angelic reiki?

Angelic reiki is a type of reiki that involves connecting to the angelic realm. Healers who practice this type of reiki tap into this angelic energy and use it for cleansing, repairing, and raising the vibrations for their clients or patients.

This type of reiki can also be used to heal the earth as well as to work on problems around the country and around the world as well.

Unlike with other styles of reiki, the healer in angelic reiki does not set an intention or goal for the session. The healer simply acts as a conduit, providing angelic energy and positivity to the recipient but not interfering in any way.

In most other styles of reiki, it is the job of the practitioner to determine the right course of action for the client by listening to spiritual guides. The angelic realm, however, provides energy that goes where it needs to go and targets the right areas without the practitioner having to get involved.

In this way, angelic reiki is much more light, open, and spiritual than other styles of reiki. This offer is, however, performed in very similar ways otherwise.

There is no certification required to practice angelic reiki for yourself, but it is important to be certified if you want to add it to your practice for others.

Read on to learn more about this unique type of reiki.

Angelic Reiki

In this section, you’ll find out some basics to help you better understand how angelic reiki is performed and the spiritual place it comes from. Read through this information to give yourself a framework of an idea regarding angelic reiki and how it is used.

Commonly used materials:

  • This type of reiki can be performed with nothing more than gentle music and the healer’s hands.
  • Crystals are a good and common addition to angelic reiki because of their clear vibrations and their bright, light healing capabilities.

Principles and concepts:

  • The principles of angelic reiki encompass the general principle of reiki itself: do no harm.
  • Of course, there’s more to it than just that; with angelic reiki, it’s all about the practitioner getting in touch with the angelic realm and channeling positive, light energy that comes from elsewhere in the universe.
  • This is a very spiritual type of reiki that relies on the practitioner and the client both remaining open, receptive, intuitive, and ready to experience whatever might come their way during the course of a healing session.

How it is performed:

  1. When meeting with a client for the first time, it’s important to take stock of what they’re dealing with in everyday life first.
  2. From there, the client may relax on a table or mat on the floor.
  3. The practitioner then should play gentle music or white noise and instruct the client to breathe deeply and with purpose.
  4. The healer then should invite angelic energy into the client’s body first by placing hands on their shoulders, and then working on their chakras one at a time. Crystals may be incorporated, but they are not required.

Videos to Help You Learn

These videos all provide different, helpful information and demonstrations for those looking to get into angelic reiki. By watching these videos and learning what they have to share, you’ll be well on your way to a more thorough understanding of angelic reiki as well as how you can incorporate it into your own life and practice.

Option #1

Angelic Reiki Video

  • This video shows a short angelic reiki healing session. The practitioner first speaks with the client to get an idea of what she is dealing with emotionally, then invites her to stretch out comfortably on the table for the healing to take place.
  • The client relaxes, and the practitioner simply invites pure angelic energy into her body. This video shows that the practitioner herself is not required to do very much, other than to provide healing energy where it’s needed most.

Option #2

Angelic Reiki – The Healing Session

  • This video provides a lengthy discussion of what it takes to perform an angelic reiki healing session. It is specifically targeted at those who have already been practicing reiki for some time, however, and who understand the basics of performing this type of healing.
  • Although the video is not for beginners, it is still fairly accessible and can provide a good, solid framework of information for most practitioners to build upon. This choice also clarifies some of the issues that may come up when working with clients.

Option #3

Angelic Reiki – Interview 2

  • In this video, the speaker goes over the differences between traditional reiki and angelic reiki. She talks more about angelic reiki specifically and explains what to expect when working with this type of reiki, especially for those who never have before.
  • Throughout the video, the speaker goes into a lot of detail about the experience of angelic reiki and what it means to practice this specific type of healing as well. This is a good video for anyone looking for some general information to help them determine whether or not to go further into exploring angelic reiki.

Option #3

  • In this video, a reiki master and practitioner speaks softly and calmly to her listeners as she works through a traditional angelic reiki healing session. Although it is performed from afar, this session nevertheless provides healing and comfort for anyone who needs it.
  • This video is also a good example of how to utilize healing crystals when working with angelic reiki. The practitioner in the video balances and cleanses the chakras through the use of healing crystals, and showcases just how to make this work while still inviting angelic healing energies into the client’s—or listener’s—body.

Option #5

Angelic Reiki Explained

  • This short video explains the basics of angelic reiki as well as how it pertains to traditional reiki. It is intended for those who have some understanding of reiki in general already, but who may not already be practitioners or masters themselves. In his way, this video is particularly helpful for those who are advanced beginners or perhaps just reached the intermediate level of study.
  • The video also explains how those who are interested in learning angelic reiki are generally drawn by an unseen psychic force that needs to be nurtured and answered.


Angelic reiki isn’t for everyone, but it can be a beautiful addition to your practice if you’re interested in giving it a chance. If you’re thinking of trying angelic reiki, keep these benefits in mind:

  • Angelic reiki is very clear, healing, and positive, with no room for negativity.
  • This type of reiki works especially well on mental and emotional issues.
  • With angelic reiki, the client is more likely to become open and receptive to the angelic realm and the spiritual world.

There may be other reasons you are drawn to try angelic reiki. Whatever intrigues you about this unique, peaceful, and beautiful aspect of the reiki world, be sure to do your research and learn more as you move forward.

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