Reiki For Animals


Do you want to try out reiki for your pet or any other animal?

Are you wondering how it can benefit animals and whether or not it really works?

Do you want to find out how animal reiki is done?

If you want to try animal reiki for your pet or any other animal or bird, but are not sure if it will really help, you can take a look at the resources and information we are sharing in this article.

Read about all the information you need before the animal reiki session, the benefits it has, how it is done, why it is useful, whether or not it has side effects and anything else you are looking for.

What exactly is animal reiki?

Reiki is a type of alternative therapy or alternative healing therapy which mainly uses positive vibes and energy as a source of healing.

Just as reiki is used to heal and treat humans, it is also practiced on animals, and this form of reiki is known as animal reiki.

  • Animal reiki is a form of healing technique that practices healing through the form of meditation.
  • This type of reiki is specifically modified to suit the needs of animals.
  • The idea behind animal reiki is to allow humans to be able to heal animals.
  • It uses ideas of peacefully accepting, letting go of any negative thoughts and any judgements, letting go of worries and anxiety and also letting go of the controlling nature.
  • The best part about animal reiki is that it can be performed on any animal or bird and of any age.  

Does reiki really have any benefits on animals?

Yes, animal reiki is known to help animals in many different ways and here are some of the positive changes and benefits that you may see in your beloved pet after the animal reiki sessions:

  • Your pet or the animal may show an improved sense of well-being.
  • You may be able to notice that the animal is significantly calmer and is showing lesser signs of aggression or discomfort.
  • The animal will seem to be happier and more energized once the animal reiki session is over.
  • In those animals who find it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep, or usually have some sleep issues, there can be a significant improvement in the quality of sleep.
  • In the case of those animals that are unwell and may not be able to survive, the animal reiki session can make it easier for them to pass over with less discomfort and pain.
  • Also, once an animal starts to receive regular animal reiki sessions, or as required, it is able to heal better naturally, as the animal’s body is better able to work on its natural healing process.

How would you know if your pets are in need of an animal reiki session?

Just as humans are stressed out and anxious and need to find peace, balance and harmony in their day to day existence, animals too have their own sufferings that need to be taken care of.

There are various reasons where your animals may be in need of an animal reiki session.

  • There are a lot of physical ailments and health issues that animals regularly suffer from.
  • There are also times when animals get injured or are in need of some form of surgery.
  • With age, animals also suffer from various aches and pains.
  • In many animals, mental health is also an issue and often this could trigger into excessive emotional issues too.
  • Some animals also face various types of behavioural issues.
  • Animal reiki is also especially helpful to soothe and calm down rescued animals, who may be taken in as pets in new homes.
  • This can also be a very effective tool in healing animals who have recently lost their human family members.

How is animal reiki done?

It is possible that the animal reiki session may vary from animal to animal and in the way the healer wants to proceed. This choice can also vary based upon the specific needs from the session.

Here are a few things you might expect in an animal reiki session:

  • The healer will first speak to the owner or the carer or the person who has brought in the animal and try to understand more about the animal or bird who will receive the animal reiki session.
  • During this, the healer may want to find out more about the overall nature and characteristics of the animal or bird in question, about any ailments that they may have, a small history of health, injuries, surgeries or medication taken, if the animal or bird has received reiki earlier and so on.
  • While this is not compulsory, the healer will try and take down all this information to be able to perform the animal reiki in a way that can give the best benefits and be most effective for the animal or the bird.
  • The healer may offer the reiki session to the animal or the bird in an open space or if required, even inside an enclosed space, such as in a cage, in a stable, in a barn, in a shed and so on.
  • In some cases, the healer can also perform animal reiki even when the animal is in bed or is in a spot where they usually relax.
  • While the sessions can vary in duration, the animal reiki session will usually run for about half an hour to one hour.
  • Every session that the animal receives will be effective and helpful in its own way. However, taking only one session may not give as many benefits as taking a few sessions.
  • The sessions could be once a week, once in a few weeks, fortnightly or less, all depending on the animal and its needs.

5 informative animal reiki videos you can refer to

Option #1

Before and after the animal reiki sessions on barn animals

  • In this video, reiki students go to a barn that houses different types of rescued animals.
  • The reiki healers connect with the animals and heal each other together.

Option #2

Animal reiki on a cat

  • In this video, the reiki healer is performing animal reiki on a cat from a distance of a few feet.
  • Instead of directly touching, the healer is beaming the energy on to the animal.

Option #3

Here’s why animals need reiki

  • A reiki practitioner takes you through the many reasons why animals may need reiki.
  • Find out how it can benefit your pet or the animals near you.

Option #4

Peace for shelter dogs

  • This video shows the amazing benefits of reiki on shelter dogs.
  • See how reiki helps these dogs that live in a chaotic and stressful environment, without a home.

Option #5

Reiki with a shelter cat

  • This video shows the effects of reiki on neglected or abused animals.
  • See how reiki helps these shelter cats to calm down and feel loved.

Are there any negative effects of animal reiki?

As yet, there are no known negative effects of animal reiki.

With so many benefits of animal reiki and with this being such a natural yet effective tool for promoting healing, calm and happiness in your animals, we are sure you will want to go ahead and give it a try for your loved pet or animal.

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