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Are you looking for something that can help you relax and make you feel calm?

Have you heard about the calming benefits of ASMR and reiki?

Would you like to experience a calming session of ASMR reiki that can help calm your anxiety and help you sleep?

Whether or not you have experienced ASMR yet, knowingly or unknowingly, and whether or not you have tried out reiki yet, if you are looking for something relaxing, then the resources we will share with you in this article can help you do just that.

Today, we are sharing with you some of the finest ASMR Reiki videos that you can check out on YouTube. These are meant to help you relax, calm your anxiety and also help you fall asleep. These can help dispel those negative thoughts and put your mind at ease. So, even if you have not tried these before, we think you’ll benefit from checking these out now.

What does ASMR stand for?

ASMR is a short form for the phrase Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

  • ASMR is basically defined as a tingling sensation that you may feel in your body in response to something that makes you feel calm and relaxed.
  • This sensation, in most people who experience ASMR, usually starts around the scalp, and travels down to the base of the neck, down the spine, and can also be experienced in the arms and the legs.

What is ASMR Reiki?


  • The purpose of ASMR is to make you feel relaxed and to help remove any stress, fear or anxiety that you are experiencing.


  • Reiki is a Japanese healing system that helps your body naturally heal itself wherever it is possible.
  • The term ‘Rei’ means universal, while the term ‘Ki’ means life force energy.
  • Reiki means a kind of universal life force energy that helps your body get attuned to the forces of nature and heal and soothe itself.

ASMR Reiki

  • ASMR Reiki is a way to help attune your body to the forces of nature and heal itself, while using the benefits of ASMR to further calm you down.
  • In most ASMR Reiki sessions, the healer also attempts to put your body in such a state of calm that you naturally tend to fall asleep.

How are ASMR principles incorporated into the reiki practice?

Reiki is a type of alternative medicine that is also referred to as a way of energy healing.

  • When a healer practices ASMR Reiki, in addition to just cleansing your energy, they also try to use the principles of ASMR to calm you down.
  • Some of the most common practices used in ASMR are soft speaking, whispering, tapping, hand movements, face touching, and light movement therapy.
  • ASMR Reiki sessions involve the ASMRtists using some of these popular and effective ASMR techniques while carrying out Reiki healing.

Effects of ASMR Reiki

One of the most immediate effects of ASMR Reiki is a feeling of calm that makes your entire body and mind feel relaxed, and ready for sleep.

What makes ASMR Reiki different from the typical practice?

  • The main purpose of Reiki is to help your body and mind heal naturally by being more in tune with the forces of the universe and nature.
  • ASMR Reiki takes this healing one step further by also calming your mind and body. This in turn enables you to feel relaxed and fall asleep.
  • Many of those who have experienced Reiki as well as ASMR Reiki feel that the latter is better and more effective in making them feel relaxed, easing their anxiety and helping them fall and stay asleep.

7 best ASMR Reiki videos that you can watch/use on YouTube

Option #1

ASMR Reiki Energy Cleansing by Angelica

  • In this video, ASMRtist Angelica is practicing ASMR Reiki on a friend.
  • She starts off the video by lighting an incense stick.
  • Angelica and her friend speak in low tones that will further help you feel relaxed.

Option #2

ASMR Focused Reiki Healing by Karuna Satori

  • Karuna is one of the most well-known ASMRtists who has been around for ages and is a regular at practicing ASMR Reiki for her viewers.
  • In this video, Karuna uses additional healing and relaxing techniques to specifically remove any built-up negative energy in your mind and body.
  • She speaks in low tones while performing hand movements and finger fluttering techniques.
  • Karuna uses a little bit of hypnosis technique that will additionally help you fall asleep.

Option #3

ASMR Reiki Energy Healing Roleplay by Lottie

  • Lottie is a very loved ASMRtist who is known for her extremely relaxing videos.
  • In this video, she creates a roleplay where she performs the role of a Reiki healer.
  • This video is aimed at removing any negative thoughts that may be there in your mind.
  • She uses her soothing voice and gentle hand movements along with Reiki to help you with positive thoughts and sleep.

Option #4

ASMR Reiki Energy Healing Roleplay by Sophie Michelle

  • Sophie is a popular ASMRtist who is loved for her gentle voice and soothing videos.
  • In this video, she aims to transfer some positive energy and thoughts to you through a mix of ASMR and Reiki.
  • Here, she primarily uses a lot of hand movements, close-up personal attention and mouth sounds to help you relax.

Option #5

ASMR Reiki Healing Session with a Master

  • This video features Reiki Master Daniel who will help perform chakra cleansing along with some guided relaxation techniques.
  • Ideally, if you have never tried out ASMR Reiki before, you may be better off trying out the previous videos first and then advancing to this one.

Option #6

ASMR Reiki with quick hand movements for sleep

  • This ASMR Reiki video features a lot of quick hand movements that can be relaxing for a lot of people.
  • The gentle session will help remove any stress and tension and soothe you to sleep.
  • The entire video is in soft tones for added relaxation and sleep.

Option #7

ASMR Reiki Therapy for Negative Energy Cleansing

  • This ASMR Reiki video features the healer performing Reiki on a friend.
  • She uses sticks and various hand sounds to further calm you down.
  • She also uses other relaxing ASMR techniques such as tapping sounds, inaudible whispering and more.

3 known benefits of ASMR Reiki

  1. One of the biggest benefits of ASMR Reiki is that it can immediately work at reducing your problems of insomnia and can help you fall asleep.
  2. ASMR Reiki helps remove the negative thoughts that affect your mental, physical and spiritual health. As a result, you will feel lighter, happier, more positive and get a renewed sense of energy.
  3. ASMR Reiki is also known to help many who suffer from regular anxiety and panic attacks. Listening to these may help you improve your breathing and also reduce your overall anxiety.

The best way to listen to these videos is to lie down or sit down in a comfortable spot, preferably with dim light and no or very less background noise. Make sure to use your headphones so that you can listen to the healers and relax.

Do not listen to the ASMR Reiki videos while driving or using any heavy machinery or while doing something that requires you to be alert.

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