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Are you interested in reiki and the different levels of learning you can receive in reiki?

Are you looking for more knowledge related to reiki and want to move to the next level of learning?

Do you want to know more about reiki attunement and how you can receive it?

If you are interested in understanding more about the process of reiki attunement, then you have reached the right place. In this article, we are taking a detailed look at everything related to reiki attunement that you may want to know about before you begin your attunement session.

Take a look at what reiki attunement can help with, whether or not it is an essential part of reiki, what happens during a reiki attunement session, how to do it, and whether or not there can be any negative effects that you need to be careful about. So without looking anywhere else, scroll down and read everything about reiki attunement.

What is reiki attunement?

Reiki is essentially a type of healing treatment that has a very different approach and way of being practiced.

  • While most of the reiki sessions make use of different hand movements and various types of techniques, a very integral part of any good reiki session is the reiki attunement process.
  • While the reiki master, healer or teacher has already acquired certain skill sets to carry out the reiki session, the interesting part about reiki is that this knowledge is not held back.
  • Instead of keeping it all to themselves, a reiki master, teacher or healer will also pass on this knowledge gradually to the student.
  • The very special and sacred process that takes places to pass on this knowledge of reiki and the associated guidance from the master to the student is known as reiki attunement.

What is the purpose of a reiki attunement?

  • The main purpose of the reiki attunement process is to pass on the knowledge from the master to the student, and thus enable them to learn more about this healing technique.
  • In this way, a chain is formed where knowledge and expertise is passed on from healer to student and so on.
  • Once the knowledge is passed on, it will help to open up the flow of reiki energy in the recipient.
  • As a result, the recipient will be able to connect better with the universal energy as well as the source of this energy.
  • Once the recipient receives this energy through the reiki attunement process, they will forever be able to hold on to this energy and use it as and when they wish to.

Is reiki attunement an essential part of a reiki session or practice?

Yes, reiku attunement is considered to be an essential as well as a very special and sacred part of a reiki session or reiki practice.

What happens during reiki attunement?

What exactly happens during reiki attunement

  • The teacher who is carrying out the reiki attunement process may use a variety of actions, movements, gestures and positions.
  • Some of the most commonly used gestures are using gentle touch and different breathing techniques.

How long does a session take, on an average?

  • A basic level of reiki attunement session could take about 1 to 2 days.
  • During this, you will learn about how you can use this energy on yourself.

What does it feel like when you are the recipient of reiki attunement?

  • It is possible that you may feel a sudden calming feeling envelope you as the reiki attunement process is in place.

Is reiki attunement the same for all levels or reiki or are there any differences between attunement done for reiki level 1, level 2 and master levels?

Reiki attunement level 1:

  • This is the first stage of reiki attunement where the teacher will help the student focus on themselves.
  • In this stage, the reiki attunement won’t be taught as much as be transferred to the student.
  • This stage will also teach you about the history and origins of reiki, as well as teach you about the negative and positive vibrations.

Reiki attunement level 2:

  • In level 2, your teacher will teach you about how you can open up your energy channels.
  • During this stage, you will be able to put your focus more towards healing yourself.
  • You will gradually also learn about how you can use this energy towards healing others.

Reiki attunement level 3:

  • The 3rd level of reiki attunement is also known as the master level of the reiki attunement process.
  • In this stage, you will learn about working at a deeper and higher spiritual level.
  • Often, students are able to find their true calling and discover their future path while learning this level in reiki attunement.

Can reiki attunement affect a person in a negative way?

While reiki is mostly associated with positive effects and a host of benefits, it is important to be aware of any possible disadvantages that may happen during a reiki attunement session.

Here are some of the possible side effects of reiki attunement that you need to be careful and aware of:

Option #1

Feel a surge of emotions:

  • When you start receiving reiki attunement, it is possible that you may experience a range of emotions such as feeling sad and low, weeping without realizing, sudden anger outburst and so on.
  • This is because, during the attunement, your body is detoxified and releases all the toxic and pent-up emotions that you were holding on to.

Option #2

Experience sudden physical sensations:

  • Sometime after the session is over, say about half an hour or an hour later, you may experience different physical effects, such as a feeling of tightness in the chest, headache, blurry vision, heaviness in your limbs or body, diarrhoea and so on.
  • This offer is also due to the fact that your body is going through a detoxification process and the toxins are being released out.

Option #3

Spiritual disillusionment:

  • It is possible during and after a reiki attunement session, you start to question your beliefs and faith that you have practiced till long, or that you have been surrounded with.
  • You may have questions related to your religious, cultural or spiritual thoughts and beliefs. This is because of the new universal energy that is entering your body and the initial connect that your mind, body and soul are making to finally create a sense of harmony and balance.

Tips to keep in mind:

  • Even though there may be some side effects that you may experience during a reiki attunement session, do not get worried about them.
  • If needed, lie down and rest. Drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated.
  • You may also want to jot down these side effects so that you can discuss these with your healer the next time.
  • Most of these will eventually pass off and you will feel healthy and positive again.
  • However, in case you do feel some discomfort and feel that it is affecting your health or daily routine in any way, speak to your healer about it.

Now that you have read so much about reiki meditation and its many benefits, we hope that you will find more reasons to start practicing the same. Do use these resources to get the best possible benefits from your session.  

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