Business Cards For Reiki


Do you need reiki business cards?

Who would really benefit from a product like this?

Are they necessities for practitioners and masters, or are they just a nice bonus to have around?

Although you don’t have to have business cards if you practice reiki, they can make or break your business. Using these cards to reach out to potential clients and stay in touch with those who have already visited your practice can ensure you continue to have clientele for a long time to come.

Reiki practitioners and masters alike can enjoy the benefits of using these cards. Leave them at the workplaces of friends or family members, hand them out to people you meet, or share them at local events. No matter how you choose to spread the word, the right business card can help!

Check out the suggestions below to find some design inspiration for your own cards.

Option #1

Reiki Master Chakra Energy Healer Business Card

  • This card is very minimal, but it uses that simplicity to get the point across in a powerful way. Reiki is all about keeping things minimal while putting energy to work, and this card expresses that at one quick glance.
  • The card also includes images of hands and star shapes, which further suggest the concept of reiki and of mysticism. Finally, there is plenty of information to provide the name, title, and any relevant contact information on the front of the card without taking away from the design.

Option #2

Yoga Reiki Practitioner with Chakra Gold Lotus Square Business Card

  • This card suggests the idea of reiki by incorporating a lotus and chakras into the design. It also utilizes a seated yoga silhouette, because the individual in question also teaches yoga. In this way, the card expresses several elements at once without being too overloaded with words.
  • There is space at the bottom of the card to showcase the name and title of the practitioner. This card shares just enough and balances it all with the right amount of white space.

Option #3

Yoga and Reiki Business Cards

  • As with the last card, this design incorporates both yoga and reiki into one simple image. This offer is very similar to the previous card, but with some changes that make it work a bit differently. For example, the yoga silhouette figure is surrounded now by pastel leaves instead of a dark lotus, which focuses more on the idea of light and growth.
  • This card also includes the name and web site of the practice itself, rather than the name and title of the individual practitioner. This card is laid out for a business instead of a person, but it can be used for either, depending on the needs of the practitioner.

Option #4

Lotus Moon Energy Healer Yoga Reiki Business Card

  • This card is minimalistic in a slightly different way. It features a splash of color in the backdrop surrounded by a white border, and it includes a simple black linework design in the foreground. The art represents infinity and also includes spirals, a lotus flower, and a crescent moon, all of which draw mysticism to mind.
  • This card has all of the contact information printed on the back, so the front design does all the attention-grabbing. This works especially well in places where other business cards may look more traditional, so this one can stand out.

Option #5

Reiki Teacher Business Cards

  • If you are a reiki teacher, you may want to draw attention to that fact with a slightly more prestigious card style than the others listed here. If so, choose a card like this one, with a gold gradient that gives it a sophisticated look and feel.
  • This card also includes a lotus flower in the foreground to keep the concept of yoga and energy work strong in the viewer’s mind.

Option #6

Foil Gold Reiki Healing Hands Radiating Energy Square Business Card

  • With this card, you can make use of a little bit of gold foil without using it on the whole card. This card has just the basic information on the front, including the practitioner’s name and title. This choice is offset by plenty of white space to help it grab attention.
  • The card also features purple, pink, and blue with gold hands as the centerpiece of the imagery. The colors signify balance and energy, which the hands represent reiki and lightwork. The look and feel of this card may be a little different from some others on the list, but it gets its point across well, regardless.

Option #7

EmmarDesign Professional Business Card

  • For those who prefer a more vibrant card, this design is a good option. The front of the card features energetic branches and birds offset by a half mandala shape. This option includes the name and title of the practitioner as well as the contact information at the bottom of the card.
  • The back of the card is printed with the full mandala for a professional, finishing touch.

Option #8

Reiki Yoga Energy Healer Light Filled Lotus Business Card

  • This card utilizes an asymmetrical design to draw attention to the name and title of the practitioner first. It features simple black text on a white background, which contributes to the Zen and balancing ideals of reiki.
  • On one side of the card, a pink flower adds a splash of color and a sense of calm to the overall image. This flower symbolizes growth as well as peace, making it abundantly clear what the card is all about.

Option #9

Business Card Template

  • Finally, this card is another colorful and vibrant way to get the attention of potential customers and clients. The backdrop of this card is in cool colors, which is unique for reiki practices and may make it stand out from the rest. This offer features a galaxy design with a star-studded sky that adds to the feeling of mysticism and growth, too.
  • The center of the card is printed with a simple white mandala, while the name, title, and contact information surround it. All of the font is in white as well, making it pop against the galaxy background.


There are a lot of great business cards to pick from! These designs can help you get started marketing your reiki practice and reaching out to help more people in your area, too. Having cards readily available is crucial for just about any reiki practitioner.

Keep these tips in mind to help you choose the right cards for your needs, as well as to determine what information should be included on your cards:

  • Pick a card with imagery that can be associated with reiki. Hands, flowers, and mandalas are always good choices.
  • Choose a design with enough space to include the information you want to add. You don’t want to overload the card with too much imagery or too many words.
  • Add your name, your title, and any information that identifies specific areas of reiki you focus in. Be sure to add your contact information as well, so potential new clients can reach out to you!

When you have the right business cards in hand, it will be that much easier to share your practice with others. Try one of the designs from the list above for some beautiful ways to spread the word!

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