Reiki Centers


What is a reiki center?

What do they provide?

Are they useful for both students and clients?

Reiki centers are any location where reiki is offered and, usually, where it’s also taught. These are different from a reiki practice where services are provided but very little else takes place; they are usually a hub of activity related to reiki and other types of energy healing.

At a reiki center, you may find courses and training, continued education, mastery attunement and much more in the way of education. You may also find regular reiki services, unique up-and-coming reiki techniques, and healing energy circles for those who are interested in visiting as clients. There may even be regular group events for the community at these locations, too.

There are reiki centers all around the world, and many in the United States. It’s not too hard to find a good quality reiki center near most large cities, and there are more and more cropping up in smaller areas, too.

In this article, you’ll find information about seven reiki centers you may want to check out. Some of these offer online services, while others are intended for in-person work only.

Check them out and see which ones interest you the most. You may just find your new home away from home!

Option #1

The Reiki Center for Healing Arts


This center is one of the oldest in Ohio and continues to be one of the most popular. This choice offers reiki as well as other forms of bodywork and even has a service for children who may benefit from reiki treatments as well.


  • This center has a positive and calming atmosphere at all times.
  • The reiki masters on site are skilled and their clients are confident in their abilities.


  • It can sometimes be difficult to find open appointments here, especially at the last minute.
  • Classes may not be available at all times.

Option #2

The Reiki Centre


At this center, clients may schedule one-hour sessions or may book up to a month of sessions at a time for a discounted price. Students may come to this center to learn reiki level 1 and 2 online, or reiki level 3 and mastery in person. There are also web lectures available to view from this center.


  • Many clients and students alike are pleased with the level of work and education they receive from this location.
  • It is easy to schedule an appointment at this location.


  • Classes for reiki mastery are not all available online from this center, so some in-person work is required.
  • This center focuses specifically on traditional reiki without many other options.

Option #3

SF Reiki Center


At this center, group events are almost as common as regular classes and services. This center is an excellent place to connect with the larger reiki community in your area and to learn everything you need to know and more about energy healing.


  • This center offers monthly reiki circles as well as monthly circles that are specifically for women.
  • There are several days throughout the year when reiki students can practice free reiki sessions on clients through this center.


  • Reiki sessions at this location are a little more expensive than they are at some others.
  • New clients are encouraged to book four sessions at a time.

Option #4

Reiki Center of Indiana


When you choose this center, you’ll be able to work with a reiki master and life coach who has plenty of experience in healing and treatments. The master of this center is qualified and capable of helping clients work through a variety of different problems.


  • This center offers both classes and treatment, as well as options for children.
  • Periodically, this center offers meditation classes as well.


  • This center uses only traditional Usui or Holy Fire reiki without any other options available.
  • There are not as many community events offered here as there are at other locations.

Option #5

NYC Reiki Center


Learn reiki at this center and focus on complementing medical treatments with metaphysical ones. This center educates new reiki practitioners and provides one-on-one treatments to clients in the area as well. This option is a thorough and in-depth center that believes in the power of reiki when coupled with medical care for the treatment of many ailments.


  • This center offers a detailed course of reiki mastery study that lasts three years.
  • It is possible to earn a certification to practice reiki from this center in as little as six months.


  • Reiki circles may book quickly at this location and can be hard to get into.
  • A full session here is two hours and may be very pricey for some individuals.

Option #6

The Reiki Center of Los Angeles


This center provides many community events each month and encourages anyone who is interested in learning more about reiki to attend them. This offer is also possible to schedule treatment services at this center as well.


  • The introduction to reiki lecture provided at this location is entirely free of charge.
  • Some workshops may include both reiki level 1 and reiki level 2 at this center.


  • This center does not have any online or remote class offerings.
  • There are no one-on-one classes offered here, and education is only available in group settings.

Option #7

NW Reiki Center


This center offers a community reiki clinic twice a month as well as private reiki treatments as scheduled. This choice also includes support groups, reiki level 1 and 2 classes, and sometimes reiki mastery education as well, depending on the schedule and needs of the people involved.


  • It is possible to buy several sessions at once at a package rate.
  • The center offers regular events teaching self-reiki to individuals who are interested.


  • Level 3 and reiki mastery are not always offered at this location.
  • It can sometimes be difficult to figure out which class or group even is right for you between all the choices offered here.


Now that you’ve had a chance to look over this list of reiki centers, you may be wondering where to go form here. If one of these centers is close to you, then that’s great! You should have no trouble setting up an appointment or reaching out for more information about class work—whichever you prefer. However, if none of these are in your area, you may need to check which ones offer online services, or look for more information about local reiki centers closer to you instead.

No matter where you end up, it’s important to pick a center that speaks to you. Here are a few tips to remember when trying to choose the right reiki center for your needs:

  • Choose a center that isn’t too far away. You may negate all the positive effects of reiki if you have to drive hours to and from the center!
  • Pick a center that focuses on the type of reiki you’re interested in. Some may be more traditional than others.
  • Look for a center with events that seem interesting to you. Part of the importance of having a center is being able to connect with the reiki community.

When you remember these tips, you’ll be well on your way to starting a reiki journey with a center that can help you achieve your goals.

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