Reiki From A Distance


Do you love practicing Reiki and are looking for someone who can help you practice the same?

Would you like to try out a new form of reiki that you can even practice long distance with your teacher?

Do you want to understand how distance reiki really works?

If you are looking for more information on anything related to distance reiki, then this article is all that you need to read through. Here, we will talk about distance reiki, understand whether or not it is really possible for it to work long distance, how it differs from traditional reiki and more.

We will also tell you who all is certified to practice it, how you can find out for yourself whether it is working for you, and share some easy videos that will help you try out distance reiki yourself. In addition, we will also take a look at the many benefits that this form of reiki has to offer. So without looking anywhere else, just scroll down.

What exactly is distance reiki?

  • Distance reiki is a form of reiki practice which follows the principles of remote energy healing.
  • This form of healing can be practiced even when you are not in the same space as your healer or the person you are going to perform the reiki on, but instead of being physically present, you are still able to practice your reiki session together.
  • Distance reiki can be performed on human beings as well as on animals.

How is it different from the traditional reiki practice?

The main difference between distance reiki and the traditional form of reiki practice is the proximity or the lack of it in the two types of practices.

  • In distance reiki, you are beyond any limitations of time and space, and can practice the reiki session with your master or with your client, irrespective of where you are. In the traditional form of reiki, both the healer and the person who is receiving the reiki are in the same space.
  • The traditional form of reiki works on the principle of healing energy with direct presence and touch. In the distance reiki sessions, the practitioner can expand his or her energy and healing powers and make use of their spiritual energy that can go far beyond the regular physical touch.

Who can practice distance reiki?

A regular reiki practitioner can practice distance reiki as well, and their healing capacities will usually move beyond the constraint of space and time.

Does it require a special license or certification?

While it is not mandatory, some states do require or suggest that only those who have a licence to practice reiki can do so. This choice is advisable to understand the legalities of the state you live in and where you wish to practice, whether while being physically present or from a distance through distance reiki.

Does distance reiki even work?

  • The experience that you may have from distance reiki may vary from another person who experiences it.
  • This will usually depend on the sensitivity of the recipient as well as the openness and intention.
  • In most cases, a person who receives distance reiki will feel a sense of calm and relaxation from the session, and may feel more confident and empowered too.

How do you know if it actually is working?

Once you start practicing distance reiki, you may notice the following signs that will tell you that the distance reiki session is actually working for you:

  1. You start to feel a sense of heaviness in the body
  2. You may also sense a type of pressure on your body, which won’t be uncomfortable
  3. You may experience sudden emotions such as sadness or hurt
  4. You may sense, visualize or remember memories that you did not think of recently or even, for a long time
  5. You may even start to drift off, sometimes without realizing you are doing so

How is distance reiki performed or practiced?

In distance reiki, your healer will beam you the energy from afar, so that you are not required to be in the same place as your healer.

Distance Reiki Healing Videos

Here are a few YouTube videos that will show you how distance reiki can actually be performed:

Option #1

A re-enactment of distance reiki

  • The healer and the client are connecting over a video call where the healer asks the client about any problems they are facing.
  • The healer writes it down with the client’s name on a piece of paper.
  • As the client waits comfortably, the healer will send the energy through the same paper.

Option #2

Distance reiki with reiki practitioner Melissa Miranda

  • Through this video, the practitioner is going to try and send reiki healing from a distance to anyone who is viewing the video.
  • The healer states their intention and starts off the session by deep breathing that helps them tap into the reiki.
  • All you have to do now is to take three deep and slow breaths and be open to accept the energy.

Option #3

Feel the reiki energy for yourself

  • The reiki master is sharing the reiki energy in this video through the distance reiki healing technique.
  • The master requests you to begin with an open mind and see if sitting through the video helps you feel calm, relaxed or energized in any way.

Option #4

Distance reiki healing with ASMR

  • This distance reiki healing session is conducted by a Master Level Reiki practitioner who also follows and practices ASMR.
  • This healing session will combine the goodness, the calm and the positivity of both the distance reiki and soothing ASMR.

Option #5

Distance reiki from outdoors

  • Healer Kimberley practices distance reiki from the outdoors and asks you to keep an open mind to connect with the energy of the universe and nature.
  • Sit down comfortably, relax, take a few deep and slow breaths and get ready to receive the energy being sent your way.

Option #6

Distance reiki healing for love energy

  • In this distance reiki healing video, a healer and a soul therapist will help you tap into the reiki love energy from Venus.
  • You can watch the video or relax with your eyes closed, just ensure that you be in this with an open mind.

Distance Reiki Benefits

Now that you have seen how to practice distance reiki, here are 3 of the most powerful benefits you can get when you try it out:

1. You are not bound by place or time:

  • You can practice it anywhere, even without being physically present with your healer or client.
  • If you are not able to find a healer or client at the same location as yourself, you can still be part of the session.

2. Big on privacy

  • With distance reiki, privacy is guaranteed, unless the receiver wants to share more details with the healer.
  • The no-touch option is great for those who prefer it this way.

3. Choose your healer from anywhere in the world

  • You are free to choose from the best healers from anywhere in the world.
  • You do not have to travel far, and this can be a huge plus.

Now that you know how to practice reiki yoga and know about its many benefits, we hope you will try it out to benefit from its healing powers. 

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