Reiki On Your Self


Are you thinking of trying out reiki on your own and benefit from its advantages?

Are you looking for some references or tutorials to help learn about the steps to practice self reiki?

Do you want to know about the benefits of self reiki and find out if they are actually effective?

If you are thinking about starting reiki on your own but are not sure about the steps, or how to do it, then you can go through the resources and information we are sharing below in this article.

In the sections below, we have all the information you need to find out more about self reiki, whether or not you need any special licence for the same, how to practice it, what benefits it may have and more. So if you are ready to start your very own reiki session, read on.  

What is reiki self healing?

According to the principles of reiki, any form of reiki that you try out is about self healing and self care. This means that, whenever you practice reiki on yourself, you can use it to activate your body’s inner healing system and start your very own self healing process.

How does it work?

  • Reiki self healing is a natural way of healing.
  • The session will help to bring in the positive and healing energy of reiki into your body.
  • It will help your body to move this energy through the different parts of the body.
  • This will remove any energy blocks that may have been present in the body.

What can you hope to accomplish by doing self reiki?

Self reiki can be a great way to channel your body’s natural abilities and use the positive and healing energies that you will receive from the reiki session.

Here are some of the ways in which reiki self healing can be effective:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety, depression and feelings of self-harm
  • Boosts mood
  • This option reduces chronic pain issues
  • Promotes relaxation
  • More energy less fatigue
  • Overall feeling of well-being and positivity  

Can anyone do self reiki?

  • As long as you approach the reiki session with an open mind and heart, and have a positive intention before you begin, you too can easily practice self reiki to unlock its benefits.
  • You do not need any special classes or certifications in order to practice this.
  • On the other hand, the more you keep practicing self reiki, the more you will start to see the benefits on yourself.

How to try out self reiki as a beginner

Once you decide to try out self reiki, here are a few things you should keep in mind before you begin:

  • Remind yourself about the positive and effective energies of reiki, and how you already have good energy within you.
  • Set aside a time for each day when you can practice self reiki. This will be especially helpful in the beginning, to let you set a routine.
  • Initially, you can try performing self reiki in the morning when it is peaceful and quiet, before you start your day.
  • Start with maybe 20 minutes of self reiki, and once you get more used to it, you can gradually move on to spending more time practicing self reiki.
  • Try to dedicate a spot in your home where you can practice self reiki. This can help you relax and make the session more effective.
  • If possible, practice the self reiki with no one around.
  • Leave out any distracting sounds during the session. Make sure that the volume on the phone is turned down, and other gadgets are placed away, preferably in another room, or on quiet mode.

5 awesome self reiki videos from YouTube you can refer to and practice

Option #1

Self reiki outdoors with water backdrop

  • In this video, reiki master and teacher Carla Trujillo will show you how you can effectively perform self reiki on a daily basis.
  • Let your body feel completely relaxed and breathe in deeply a few times.
  • As you inhale, feel your body, mind and soul connect with your energy guides.
  • Keep breathing.
  • Place your hands over your head, over your ears, over your eyes, at the back of your head, on your shoulders, throat, chest, abdomen, thighs, knees and feet to activate the different chakras.
  • Wait, keep breathing in and out slowly and deeply and feel the healing energy fill you up.   

Option #2

Powerful self healing techniques with hand movements

  • In this video, you can find out more about the different types of hand movements that can have different benefits on your overall health.
  • The video will explain where you have to place your hands during the session in which order and how it will help.

Option #3

Reiki hand positions with William Lee Rand

  • In this video, reiki master William Lee Rand will demonstrate a few hand positions that you can use during your own self reiki sessions.
  • The master will guide you through each movement, explain its benefits and show you how to do it right.

Option #4

Easy tips to practice self reiki

  • A certified reiki healer will guide you through some of the steps you should practice while doing self reiki.
  • The teacher will show you how you can remove any blockages in your chakra and increase the benefits from your session.

Option #5

Alternative healing methods with self reiki

  • This video begins with a positive affirmation that will help you start your session with positive intentions.
  • You can keep this on in the background as you practice your self reiki sessions, and use the tips and chants mentioned.

3 benefits of self reiki

Here are 3 of the most common benefits of self reiki that you may start to notice as soon as you start practicing self reiki:

Option #1

You can do it any time as per your convenience

  • One of the best benefits of practicing self reiki is that you can do it at any time of the day, any place you are, and any time you feel the need for some self-love, healing and care.
  • Yet another good thing about trying self reiki is that you do not have to wait to find the right teacher who can practice reiki on you. Instead of waiting or traveling to reach your teacher, you can practice the same wherever you are, on your own.

Option #2

Creates a sense of balance and harmony

  • Reiki is known to be a powerful tool in restoring the natural state of balance and harmony between your mind, body and soul.
  • When you practice self reiki, the positive energy will be able to ease out all blockages and problems in the body and mind, and instead of just removing the symtoms, will help you heal completely, as a whole.

Option #3

Boosts your immunity

  • Once you start to practice self reiki on a regular basis, it can help to remove the toxins in your body and help boost your overall immune system.
  • Reiki can help your body channelize its own natural healing abilities, which can then help your immune system get stronger and protect you against cold, cough and other similar diseases and infections.  

Now that you have read all that you need to do before you begin your reiki session and have seen how you can do it yourself, we are sure you will find more reasons to start practicing the same.

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