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Do you love practicing Reiki or are thinking of trying it for the first time?

Would you like to try out a new form of reiki that everyone seems to love?

Do you want to find out how to perform Holy Fire Reiki and benefit from it?

If you are looking for information on anything related to Holy Fire Reiki, then we have everything for you right here. In this article, we will explain all about this new form of Reiki and why it is becoming so popular with those who have been practicing reiki for some time now, as well as those who are beginners.

We will tell you what this type of reiki is, how it is different from the traditional form of reiki, how you can do it on your own and the many benefits that you can get once you start practicing it. So without looking anywhere else, just scroll down.

What is Holy Fire Reiki?

Holy Fire Reiki is a relatively newer and more modern form of reiki. Like any other form of reiki, it is also a very gentle and yet very powerful way to purify your mind, body and soul. 

What is holy fire?

  • The term ‘holy fire’ defines a more refined type of energy as compared to the regular energy flow in traditional reiki.
  • It gives you more healing powers and a higher level of guidance and empowerment.

What sets this type of reiki apart from the traditional reiki practice?

Holy Fire Reiki has a higher level of power and energy flow to help you experience more power, care and love. This choice combines traditional Usui Reiki with the contemporary and more evolved form of Reiki. 

When and where was Holy fire Reiki first practiced?

The Holy Fire Reiki has been introduced by the International Centre for Reiki Training. This option was first started by William Lee Rand in January 2014.

How to perform Holy Fire Reiki

Check out these video tutorials that will help you perform Holy Fire Reiki on yourself, or on others:

7 Holy Fire Reiki videos that you can refer to or use

Option #1

Easy and relaxed Holy Fire Reiki practice

  • Sit or lie down in a comfortable position and feel relaxed.
  • Try and take a few deep breaths and let your mind just relax.
  • Feel the positive energy flow over you and through your body, in an effort to heal you.
  • Practice this session with a positive intention, and with a feeling of good energy coming to you.
  • Start the session with an intention of letting go of any negativity that you have as well as any fear, trauma or difficult emotions that may be blocking your path to healing.
  • You may feel tired or enter a dream-like state.
  • You could experience certain feelings or memories you may not have encountered in some time.
  • Leave your heart and mind open to feel and accept whatever is coming to you during the session.

Option #2

Holy Fire Reiki with Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher

  • Feel comfortable and sit or lie down at a spot where you can feel relaxed.
  • Close your eyes and slowly inhale and exhale.
  • Let your mind be free of any negative thoughts, expectations or anything.
  • As you inhale, feel that you are inhaling love.
  • As you exhale, feel that you throwing out anger, disappointment, worry and anxiety.
  • Visualize being in a beautiful natural place, maybe an open field.
  • Visualize a clear path where you can start walking.
  • As you walk all alone on this path that you visualize, notice the beautiful plants, flowers, birds and water body.
  • You may notice a bright glimmer, which is the holy fire reiki light.
  • Trust that this light will always guide you.
  • Slowly take deep breaths and open your eyes.

Option #3

Holy Fire Reiki with Reiki Mentor

  • Holy Fire Reiki is a practice that you will perform mainly for yourself.
  • Instead of a master helping you do it all, you will have to attune your mind and body to the process and open yourself up to the experience.

Option #4

Holy Fire Reiki by Holy Fire Reiki Master and Holy Fire Karuna Master

  • This is a form of reiki which is very high frequency and will help you feel purified, empowered and healed.
  • It is a beautiful way to evolve your own levels of consciousness.

Option #5

Guided meditation with Holy Fire Reiki Energy healing

  • This session will begin by calling in the four main archangels to give you the right space for healing.
  • Sit down comfortably.
  • Point and flex your toes.
  • Inhale and exhale out any stress in the toes.
  • Bring your awareness to the ankle and up, and repeat the same process with breathing.
  • Practice with different parts of your body till you feel entirely relaxed.

Option #6

Holy Fire Reiki with singing bowl

  • Holy Fire Usui Karuna Reiki Master Deborah sends blessings and positive energy with a singing bowl, using the Holy Fire reiki techniques.
  • All you have to do is open your mind and body to receive the blessing of love she is sending.

Option #7

Holy Fire Reiki Healing

  • Sit down.
  • Take 3 deep breaths.
  • Open your mind to receiving the positive energy.
  • You will see a special Reiki healing garden made of paper flowers.
  • Allow yourself to enter the space with positive intentions.

5 benefits of practicing Holy Fire Reiki

Here are some of the most common ways in which the Holy Fire Reiki experience can give you more benefits than you may get from a traditional reiki practice:

Option #1

Immediately removes worries and makes you feel safe:

  • Instantly removes worries and makes you feel safe and secure in a very pronounced form.
  • It is faster and more impactful to help deal with distress and feelings of loss and helps you heal better.

Option #2

Gives you faster and noticeable results:

  • Holy fire reiki will bring a faster and very noticeable difference (in a positive way) to the way you project and open up yourself in your relationships and other interactions.
  • You will notice a marked difference and overall improvement in your personality.

Option #3

Marked improvement in personality and in dealing with others:

  • Your ability to deal with any problems or difficult situations is much better and improved than what it was earlier.
  • You will become more compassionate and caring, kind, gentle, understanding, empathetic, positive and confident.
  • You will also notice more contentment and joy in various life situations as well as notice a marked improvement in traits such as patience, enthusiasm and vitality for life.

Option #4

Makes you feel loved and nurtured:

  • In addition, one thing that you may notice immensely and immediately is the feeling of being loved.
  • This form of reiki is known to give the person who practices it a constant, deep and very refined feeling of being nurtured, safe, loved and wanted.  

Option #5

The effects will be constant, even when you are not in session:

  • One of the most beautiful and pronounced impact that those who practice holy fire reiki feel is that, even when you are not in the session, and are not thinking about it, you will still feel its benefits and energy coursing through you.

Now that you know how to practice holy fire reiki and know about its many benefits, we hope you will give it a try.

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