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How are the hands used during reiki?

  • In reiki, you will find a set of basic traditional as well as some fundamental hand positions that are used.
  • These hand positions are taught during the different levels of reiki and are usually taught as part of a reiki certification course.
  • The use of hand movements and ensuring that you have the right hand position is very important in a reiki session.
  • Another interesting thing about the using the right hand movement and placement during reiki is that it will also depend on the particular requirement from the session.
  • For instance, if you are looking to heal a particular part of the body, such as using reiki to help treat a headache, the hand placement around that particular area of the body could be used for longer and in a different way than it will be used for other parts of the body.

How many different hand positions do you have in reiki?

There are 12 basic hand positions that are used during a reiki session, whether to heal yourself or to use on others.

Here are the areas where the basic hand positions are used during reiki:

  1. On the face
  2. The crown and on the top of the head
  3. At the back of the head
  4. The chin and the jawline
  5. The neck, the collarbone and on the heart
  6. On the ribs and on the rib cage
  7. On the abdomen
  8. On the pelvic bone
  9. On the shoulder blades
  10. Over the middle area of the back
  11. On the lower back
  12. On the sacram  

How are hand positions used during reiki sessions?

  • During a reiki treatment or healing session, the practitioner will place their hands on the body, with the intent of promoting energy flow.
  • Using the hands for the session does not require any complicated rituals.
  • It is only a simple exchange of positive energy and vibes between the healer and the person who receives the reiki.
  • The main intent while using the hand positions in the reiki session is to share a feeling of healing.
  • According to the protocol that is usually taught to the reiki practitioners, the hand positions are placed in such a way around the body that the entire body is covered through the reiki practice.
  • The energy that is shared during the reiki session will usually pass on to the required parts in the body.
  • However, it is also observed that during the sessions, the energy is felt most around those areas where the reiki practitioner places his or her hands for a longer time.
  • There are usually two ways the hand positions are used in the reiki session. The practitioner will either apply gentle or static pressure with their hands on the traditional hand position areas, or place the hands hovering over the particular areas on the body.

Is a solid knowledge of these hand positions essential in any reiki practice?

  • The way that you place your hands during the reiki session are of the utmost importance.
  • This is because the overall placement and the movement of the hand during reiki will act as the main source of promoting balance in the energy flow.
  • It also helps to boost the healing powers from the session.

What are the different reiki hand positions?

Option #1

First degree reiki hand positions

  • Place both your hands on the throat.
  • The reiki will help to heal the throat, the throat chakra, as well as the lower jaw and the mouth area.
  • This position is also known as position 6.  

Option #2

Reiki hand position for self-care

  • One hand has to be placed on the throat and one over the heart chakra, which is around the centre of the chest.
  • This position is known as position 7.
  • The reiki will now help to heal the thyroid, the thymus, lungs, heart, the oesophagus and the heart chakra.
  • This reiki will envelop you in its care and boost your healing.

Option #3

Reiki self-healing with 5 minute timer

  • This video will give you a detailed demonstration of how and where to place your hands during the reiki session.
  • It will take you right from the first position to the 12th, so that you are able to follow each position step by step.

Option #4

Reiki hand positions for treating others

  • In this video, the healer talks about activating the chakra to connect with the reiki energy, before you begin the session.
  • The hand movement begins from the crown chakra, and then moves on to the other parts of the client’s body.

Option #5

Different hand positions for reiki

  • The healer talks about the seven major chakras.
  • The crown chakra above the head, the brow chakra at the centre of the forehead, the throat chakra, the heart, the solar plexus and the sacral chakra, followed by the root.

Option #6

Reiki hand positions to treat others

  • For this next position, you will have to place your hand on the upper abdomen part, just near the lower rib.
  • It is also referred to as position number 8.
  • The reiki will help to heal the liver, the stomach, the gall bladder, the adrenals, the solar plexus chakra as well as the spleen.

Option #7

Reiki hand positions to give a full treatment

  • In this video, the healer shows how she uses the reiki hand movements in a front to back position, instead of turning the client over.
  • Check out the detailed instructions on how you can place your hands and activate the different chakras.

5 tips for getting the reiki hand positions correctly

Whether you are going to try these out on yourself or are planning to use these to heal others, here are some ways that can help you position your hands the right way for reiki:

  1. Always keep your fingers joined, so that the energy is more focused.
  2. Always ask your client for permission before placing your hands on a client’s private areas.
  3. Make sure that both the healer and client are comfortable during the session.
  4. Begin with a positive affirmation, prayer or chant, asking that the reiki will bring healing and positive energies.
  5. Always be confident that you will be able to use the reiki hand positions to heal yourself, as well as others.

We hope that all this information about the different types of hand positions will help you understand reiki better, and that you will be able to practice it better on yourself or on others.

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