Study Reiki


Are you interested in learning reiki?

Are you unsure of where to begin?

What are some good reasons to learn reiki?

Keep these reasons in mind as you consider whether or not a reiki education is right for you:

  • Reiki is an incredible method of self-care. It can be used to help you deal with stress, anxiety, grief, and many other mental, emotional, and spiritual problems.
  • Reiki can help you battle physical health problems along with medical care. Although reiki should never be used as a substitute for medical care, it can supplement professional medical healing with positive energy and a better mental attitude. Many people have had good experiences healing from illness and injury with the additional help of reiki.
  • It can be helpful to provide reiki to other people, too. You may want to share your reiki abilities with your friends, family members, and even with your pets. When you learn and experience reiki, you can do all of this and much more.

There may be many other reasons that are calling you to learn reiki. Whatever those might be, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll teach you what it takes to learn reiki, as well as what to expect as you dive deeper into your studies. This information will make it easier for you to choose whether or not to continue down this path. Learn more below.

All About Learning Reiki

Read through the information below to learn more about learning reiki. You’ll find out the different types of education you can receive when you learn reiki as well as which areas you may want to focus on as you begin your journey. Use this information to decide where to progress from here.

Who can learn it?

  • Anyone can learn reiki! It’s okay for people at any point in their lives to start their reiki journey. Children who are interested can learn how to do simple reiki techniques, and elderly people can too. Of course, so can anybody in-between!
  • Men and women can learn reiki equally and are equally capable of practicing it. Reiki does not limit itself based on social standing, gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, personal background, wealth, or any other qualities that humans use to label or separate themselves. This option is free and open to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

What kinds of personality traits should you have to learn reiki?

  • It is okay to learn and use reiki no matter what your personality might be. Once again, reiki is available to anyone who wants to learn how to use it, and no one can prevent you from learning it if you want to.
  • With that said, it’s a good idea to be open-minded and willing to accept metaphysical explanations for things before you start learning. You should also be willing to work on calming yourself and healing your own mental and emotional needs before working on those of others.

What are the levels of reiki education?

  • Level 1: Reiki level 1 allows you to practice on yourself. Some schools and centers include distance reiki at this level, while others don’t. You do not learn any hand symbols at this level.
  • Level 2: In reiki level 2, you’ll learn hand symbols and how to use them. You will be given a few to start with, under the guidance of the reiki master who is teaching you. Most schools and centers include distance reiki at this level as well. This is the level at which you learn how to use reiki on other people, and sometimes even on animals.
  • Level 3: Reiki level 3 is the final level of reiki study. You will learn the master symbol during this stage and work toward becoming a master yourself. When you have attuned at the end of level 3 reiki, you are a reiki master.
  • Mastery: As a reiki master, you can choose to pursue other areas of reiki study and enhance your abilities. You may also choose to train as a reiki teacher yourself and continue spreading the skills and abilities needed to practice reiki to interested students who come after you.

What are some reiki courses you can take?

  • Traditional/Usui Reiki: This is the most common type of reiki. It’s the original, traditional form that has been handed down for generations of practitioners. This type of reiki is taught in many schools and centers around the world, and it can be coupled with other types of treatment such as crystal healing or herbal therapy.
  • Other Reiki Methods: There are other schools of reiki thought as well. These may include different methods of energy transmission or connecting with spiritual guides, or they may include different hand symbols and gestures than those used in traditional reiki. No matter the method, the outcomes and goals are the same.
  • Self-Reiki: This is any reiki that you practice on yourself. Some people are content to learn only how to use reiki on themselves, and that is okay! If you want to learn self-reiki, you can pick this up easily in a short amount of time. However, you may want to practice it for a while in order to be sure you know what you’re doing.
  • Distance Reiki: This type of reiki can be sent to people anywhere and even at any time. You can send energy healing to people around the world when you learn how to practice distance reiki, and you can use it for those affected by disaster worldwide, too.

How reiki works and why it is effective

  • The reiki session will channel positive energy in your body and help it flow through your mind, body and spirit.
  • This will help remove any negative energy and release/replace it with positive energy.

Setting intentions/goals/purpose for your reiki practice

  • It is important to start each session with positive intentions and an open mind and heart.
  • This will improve the energy flow and help you get the most benefits out of the session.

Using crystals and other energy sources in your reiki practice

  • Different crystals have different energies and benefits.
  • Before you begin, go through the areas where you wish to get the most benefit from the positive energy and use the corresponding energies.

Can you learn reiki on your own when you are a beginner?

  • If you are interested in learning reiki, you can very well do so on your own, as a beginner.
  • There are a number of tools that can help you learn reiki for self-practice, and you can study about it through books, videos and other resources.
  • Of course if you have access to an experienced reiki master, you can seek their guidance as you learn.
  • The entire first level of reiki is usually taught on the basis of ‘transferring from the master to the student’ instead of being taught.
  • The best part about learning reiki is that you do not need months or years to learn it. Once you gain it, you have it and can incorporate it in your daily life.


Do you feel inspired to start learning reiki? If so, that’s great! There are many paths you can take from here, so do a little more digging and find out which area of reiki study speaks the most to you. Don’t be afraid to meditate and listen to what your heart is telling you to try. You may be surprised at just how much guidance you can receive by simply opening your heart, mind, and third eye to the possibilities.

When is it a good idea to start learning reiki? Right now! Or, more accurately, any time you feel drawn to do so is the right time to begin learning reiki. Anyone at any point in their lives can start learning and practicing reiki, and there’s no limit on how much you can learn at any given time.

Can you learn online, or does it have to be in person? You can actually do both, and ideally you should try both as you progress through your studies. You can learn most of what you need to know about reiki online if you’re unable to visit physical classes. However, it’s a good idea to watch a few reiki sessions as well as have a few performed on you to get an idea of what is required and expected at a healing session. Some masters, too, will only attune in person.

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about what it takes to learn reiki, the rest is up to you. Pick your path and get started, or do more research to determine whether or not reiki is the right choice for you.


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