Master Training For Reiki


What is reiki master training?

How does it differ from other levels of reiki training?

How long does it take, and what’s required in order to be able to sign up?

Reiki master training is the course that is required for experience reiki students to progress to the master level. It is more difficult, more in-depth, and more specialized than the other levels.

This course may take as little as a few days or as long as a few years, depending on the center that offers it. All centers require at least the first levels of reiki training and some experience practicing reiki in order to train as a master. Some may have more requirements, as well.

Check out the information below to help you learn more about training as a reiki master.

All About Reiki Master Training

What do you learn?

  • In reiki master training, those who have already completed the other levels of reiki study work on improving their skills and focusing on more specific problem areas within those they are trying to heal.
  • For example, less experienced reiki practitioners may only be able to heal general problems related to stress and anxiety. Skilled masters, however, can find the source of those problems and heal it from the ground up.

Do different centers teach these skills differently?

  • Yes, somewhat. Each center and each instructor has their own methods of teaching and sharing the required information to help train a reiki practitioner to become a master. However, the general ideas of what is learned don’t change that much from place to place.
  • Some locations will offer classes online, while others require hands-on training only. This is entirely dependent on the reiki center as well as the master who attunes new masters for reiki healing. The master in charge of the course will also determine how long the course needs to last.

Do different types of reiki require different core skills in reiki masters?

  • Yes and no. Every reiki master should be able to heal themselves as well as others, and they should be comfortable with using reiki to treat both physical and mental troubles. They should also be able to focus on specific problems and work within the different layers of their clients’ chakras to improve these issues.
  • With that said, however, some masters may want to work in various types of reiki or stick to a specialization. Therefore, the core skills taught at some schools and centers may focus on these specializations. Crystal healing, for example, is a specialized area that may require different or additional training.

Where to Study

Option #1

The International Center for Reiki Training


Location of lessons:

Choose The International Center for Reiki Training if you want to be certified from a prestigious center. This location requires about four years for reiki mastery and ensures that all students will have a complete, thorough, and in-depth education by the end of the program.


  • The program includes Karuna reiki, which is not true of all reiki master programs.
  • This choice is one of the most widely recognized reiki licensing organizations.


  • There are many requirements in order to apply for this program, and not everyone will be accepted.
  • Those who have had training elsewhere must take it again here in order to be eligible.

Option #2



Location of lessons: Online only

Anyone wishing to be certified as a reiki master will enjoy the low-cost option of working through Udemy. This online academy provides training and coursework that can be completed at the student’s own pace.


  • Udemy offers low-cost options throughout the year and often offers sales on their classes.
  • This platform makes it easy to access course material conveniently from anywhere.


  • Since Udemy is an online academy for many topics, the main focus isn’t reiki, and there may not be any reiki masters available to speak to with questions.
  • Udemy may not provide as thorough of an education as some students prefer.

Option #3

Pleiadian Institute


Location of lessons: In person in Massachusetts, California, and Hawaii; or online

Pleiadian Institute offers reiki mastery that can be learned in about two years. This center requires all courses to be taken back-to-back and provides mentoring at every step of the way to ensure students understand what they’re learning and how to put it into practice.


  • There are many resources available to students who wish to study at this location.
  • This center offers the opportunity to learn everything required through online courses.


  • Those who choose to do online training only may miss out on the chance to practice in person with direct feedback.
  • Those who want to study in person may need to arrange for their own local accommodations.

Option #4



Location of lessons: In person in Massachusetts or online

At Kripalu, students interested in becoming reiki masters can improve their skills and abilities while practicing more specialized treatment styles and plans as well. This course also includes lessons in teaching others how to practice.


  • There are not too many prerequisites required here, and they are all reasonable.
  • Discounted prices may be offered at some points throughout the year.


  • This location may not have many online classes available.
  • The center also hosts other types of healing classes and retreats, so schedules may vary at any given time.

Option #5

Reiki Healing Connection


Location of lessons: In person in Massachusetts or online

At Reiki Healing Connection, those who have already learned a bit about reiki may pursue earning their reiki master certification. There are also several other course options available from this location to help suit almost any student’s needs.


  • Reiki master attunement takes only one day at this location, provided the student has already earned their other reiki levels.
  • It is possible to train as a Master of Masters who can attune other masters at this location as well.


  • There are many prerequisites required for each master course taught at this location.
  • Some courses are not available online and must be taken in person.


Did you find a good location to begin your reiki master studies? There are plenty to choose from, and we’ve only scratched the surface on the list above. Take your time with more in-depth research into those that interest you the most, and you’ll be sure to choose the best option for you.

Can you study reiki master training for free online? You can, although there may be reasons you shouldn’t. If you are interested in trying it, however, here is one such option:

Reiki Course Level 3 – This class teaches the basics required for reiki mastery and even includes a certification at the end. However, it isn’t generally recognized by most professional reiki communities, and it should really only be used as supplemental education. This option can also give you an idea as to whether or not you want to pursue reiki mastery. If you do, however, you should dive deeper with a more thorough educational experience.

Whenever possible, it’s better to stick to paid reiki training. This way, you’ll know you’re receiving a high-quality education that will last. As you move forward and work up to reiki mastery, take time to choose courses that come from experienced professionals. You’ll be able to improve your own skills much more easily when you do!

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