Youtube Music For Reiki


Are you thinking about practicing reiki?

Do you want to try and incorporate reiki during your meditation?

Would you like to check out some really soothing reiki music that can help in your practice?

If you’re looking for some good reiki music, then you can browse down to check out some of the best reiki music that is easily available online. In this article, we are sharing a detailed list of some of the best reiki healing music that you can easily browse online on YouTube.

Check out some great reiki music that is soothing and will help you create the peaceful environment you need for your reiki session. Whether you want to try them out for yourself or want something good to use while performing reiki on others, this list can help you find something that will suit your needs. Take a look.

What is the purpose of reiki music?

Therapeutic reiki music can add a lot of benefits to your reiki session. The reiki meditation music tracks can create an environment that can be better suited for Reiki. Here are some of the ways in which using the right type of reiki music can actually help in your reiki healing session:

Option #1

Create a spiritual environment:

  • The sounds and instruments used in reiki music are connected to nature, such as Tibetan Bowls and gongs.
  • This helps you connect with your spiritual being and manifest inner power.

Option #2

Helps in physical healing:

  • Reiki music reduces stress and puts the mind at ease, which can reduce many health issues.
  • Sounds of the gong and Tibetan bowl can help the music reverberate through the body and increase the benefits of the reiki healing session.

Emotional healing: 

  • Reiki music can remove emotional blockages and help you let go of past and negative emotions and aim for an overall emotional cleansing.
  • This can significantly improve your emotional well-being as well as help you become more self-confident and stronger.   

9 YouTube videos with awesome reiki healing music

Option #1

Relaxing reiki zen meditation music 134

  • Check out this really soothing yellow brick cinema reiki zen meditation music 134 that has a run time of 1 hour.
  • It features soothing music to boost positivity, motivate you and make you feel energized.
  • The calming and subtle sounds will help you reach a higher state of consciousness and Zen.
  • It is influenced from Indian, Tibetan and Japanese meditation music, and Shamanic music.

Option #2

Relaxing reiki Zen healing meditation music

  • This 4 hour long audio track features soothing music to boost positivity, motivate you and make you feel energized.
  • It is perfect for longer hours of reiki session and meditation, with an uninterrupted flow of soothing music that will keep you feeling peaceful and rested throughout the session.
  • This particular track features a collection of beautiful and very soothing Buddhist meditation music, with some chants of Buddhist monks mixed in within the audio.
  • You will also find other soothing sounds such as Tibetan Singing bowls that will help you connect better with your inner soul and help you connect better with your spiritual path.   

Option #3

Relaxing reiki music with soothing nature sounds

  • This is a 6 hour long audio track that begins with the instantly relaxing sounds of birds chirping in the distance.
  • The sounds used in this audio are reminiscent of a faraway and relaxing retreat into the forest or in the lap of nature, far away from the sounds and chaos of busy lives.
  • This really soothing body mind zone reiki Zen meditation music 1214 will help you instantly fall into a deep and calm state of mind, which is the perfect start to a great healing session.
  • This wellness music is soft and has a slow and constant pace, which is perfect to use through the session and afterwards.  

Option #4

Reiki Zen Healing music with nature sounds

  • This 3 hour long track begins with the soft sounds of chirping crickets and a Tibetan and Indian influenced music track.
  • The music is by Dean Evenson and it blends in perfectly with the beautiful and calming nature sounds that form the perfect background for relaxation.
  • The entire track is a compilation of 28 tracks that are all meant for reiki and healing.    

Option #5

Reiki Zen meditation music for healing

  • This very soothing reiki music will run for an hour and features some very calming and peaceful sounds.
  • What is really beautiful about this music is that it has a kind of vibration that comes from using Tibetan bowls.
  • As you listen to the music, you can feel the vibrations through your body, and feel your spiritual senses opening up and getting connected.
  • The track features 13 compilations by Marco Allevi.

Option #6

Calming reiki Zen meditation music

  • This soothing music track runs for 1 hour and is perfect for reiki healing and meditation sessions.
  • The music created here ranges from various styles of meditation, including Reiki healing meditation, Zen meditation, Buddhist meditation and more.
  • This music is perfect for creating a sense of Zen and helping you reach a higher spiritual level through the reiki session.  

Option #7

Peaceful reiki music

  • This 2 hour long beautiful and soothing track is heavily influenced by Indian meditation music and features relaxing nature sounds in the background.
  • The chirping of birds is a constant throughout the track that will create a beautiful balance of the soul with nature.
  • The track features a light bell sound every 3 minutes and is perfect to synchronize the mind and body.

Option #8

Universal healing reiki music

  • This 2 hour long track features reiki music that is perfect for spiritual, emotional as well as physical healing.
  • The calming effect from the music can help you reach a state of Zen that will help improve the benefits of the reiki session.
  • You can find the music in different healing frequencies that help promote healing.

Option #9

Reiki music for emotional and physical healing

  • This 1 hour long track features reiki music that is perfect for emotional and physical healing.
  • The music in this track is perfect to release any emotional blockages.
  • It can act as a powerful stress reliever and healer, and can help you achieve better results when used in a reiki session.

3 tips for choosing the best reiki healing music meditation

While you browse through the different types of reiki youtube music, these tips can help you select a few that could work best for you:

Option #1

Ensure that the music is soothing for both:

  • The music should be soothing for both the person receiving the reiki as well as the therapist.

Option #2

Use music that incorporates natural sounds:

  • Avoid music with specific chants as it may not connect culturally or spiritually with all.
  • Use natural sounds, such as Tibetan bowl sounds, Asian instruments, bird sounds, water sounds, soft drum sounds and such.

Option #3

The pace should be constant:

  • Once you start the reiki music, it should help you feel relaxed right from the start.
  • The pace of the music should be constant with no sudden changes in pace.

With so many options to choose from, we hope that you will find some that you really connect with, that helps you feel calm and that helps you during meditation. Do try out the tips we have shared so that you can choose the reiki music that will work the best for you.

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