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What is the reiki power symbol?

Can it be referred to by other names?

What does this symbol look like?

The reiki power symbol is one of the core symbols of any reiki practice. Some practitioners and masters alike consider this the main reiki symbol, although others would argue that isn’t quite accurate. Either way, it’s an important one to learn, and it is the first symbol many reiki practitioners learn on their journey toward becoming a master, too.

This symbol is also known as Cho Ku Rei. This offer is easy to draw and to recognize, and it resembles a spiral and also somewhat looks like a treble clef. Because of its ease of use as well as its strength, it’s a good choice to work into any reiki practice.

You don’t have to be a master in order to use this symbol. Read through the article below and learn more about how you can incorporate Cho Ku Rei into your reiki practice, even if you’re just practicing on yourself for the time being.

Below, you’ll find out more about how to use this symbol, what it means, and how to draw it as well. Armed with this information, you’ll be ready to use this symbol as part of your daily reiki practice in no time, and you’re sure to see success with it as well.

Cho Ku Rei

What is the meaning or purpose of this symbol?

  • This symbol refers to the placement of universal energy and power on a specific place, person, or chakra. In other words, by using this symbol, a reiki healer can focus energies on a problem area and help their client heal and improve as needed with regard to that specific area.
  • Some people like to refer to this symbol as a switch that allows universal energies to be turned on or off for a specific location. This is a good way of thinking about it, and this concept can also help the client visualize the use of the symbol, too.

What does it add to a reiki practice?

  • Using this symbol in your reiki practice can add several benefits. One of the most important is that it can be used along with the distance healing symbol to amplify both at the same time. There are other symbols it can be used in conjunction with, as well.
  • The symbol can be used to rid the body, mind, and chakras of negative energy and to cleanse them and prepare them to receive treatment. This is a good symbol to use at the beginning of a session for this reason.
  • Clients who are taking regular medication may enjoy the benefits of this symbol as well. You can draw this symbol over their medication bottles or the parts of their bodies they are trying to treat and encourage the medication to be more effective. This may also help cut down on the risk of side effects, too.
  • Finally, using this symbol makes it easy for the recipient to change and adapt when things may not go the way they had originally planned. This is a difficult skill to learn, but with the help of Cho Ku Rei, you can improve your client’s chances at mastering it.

Can it be used by any reiki practitioner?

  • Not exactly. This is one of the earliest and easiest symbols to draw and use, so it’s okay for those who may not quite be level 2 yet to give it a try. However, this should only be done under the guidance of a reiki master or teacher who can direct you and ensure you’re ready to use it.
  • Otherwise, you should wait until you have attuned at reiki level 2 in order to use this symbol. Since it’s so simple, however, you should be ready and able to use it very soon after reaching this level.

What are some of the ways in which this symbol can be used?

  • Draw this symbol on your palm before your healing session begins in order to spread its abilities and strengths to your client.
  • Meditate on this symbol before you begin as well. This will make it easier for you to tap into the power and energy you need to heal your client properly.
  • Clear your own chakra with this symbol before you begin work on your client. At the start of your session, you can begin clearing your client’s blocked chakras the same way.
  • Finally, you can use this symbol near your client’s heart to end the session and ensure the energy will stay with your client as they leave.

How do you draw it?

  • This is one of the simpler symbols to draw.
  • First, draw a horizontal line. Then draw a vertical line stretching down from the right end of the first line.
  • From the bottom of the vertical line, begin drawing a spiral. This choice should loop around itself about three times before you reach the center of the spiral.
  • You can draw this spiral clockwise or counterclockwise. Some practitioners believe you should use one version for reducing energies and the other for increasing energies, while others believe there is no difference in the two.


As you can see, Cho Ku Rei is not one of the more difficult symbols to learn how to use in your reiki practice, but it is nevertheless one of the important ones. This symbol can help you get started on the right foot when you’re learning how to incorporate symbol work into your reiki practice. Although you will need to be attuned by a master in order to use it as part of an official reiki practice on other people, you can use this symbol on yourself or on friends or family with ease.

Check out this list of benefits to help you determine whether or not this symbol is right for you:

  • This symbol is one of the best at taking care of negative energy in you, your client, and space in which you’re working. Most practitioners use it at least briefly in nearly every session because of this.
  • This is a guiding and protecting symbol. Practitioners can use it for guidance, and clients will receive protection in turn when it is used on them. This protection may be mental, spiritual, physical, or emotional.
  • This symbol can also make other symbols more effective. If you use it in conjunction with other symbols, you may be able to amplify their abilities and strengths, depending on the symbol in question.

By understanding and mastering this symbol, you’ll be one step closer to using many of the most important reiki symbols in your regular reiki work. As a healer or a healer-in-training, it’s crucial to understand these symbols and to take your time learning how to use them as well. When you can do so efficiently, you and your clients both will feel better and more confident in your ability as a reiki healer.

Get started practicing with Cho Ku Rei as part of your personal reiki treatment right away. You’re sure to see the results for yourself soon!

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