Reiki Signs


What are reiki symbols?

How many symbols are there in reiki?

What is the purpose of these symbols during a healing session?

If you’re new to reiki, you may not have learned yet about all the reiki symbols and meanings. And even if you’ve been a practitioner for a while, it’s always a good idea to brush up on your symbols!

These symbols all serve their own distinct purposes. They can be used to set the intention for a reiki healing session, and they can also be used to guide the energy used throughout the session as well. By mastering these symbols, you will always know which one you need to use for any given problem.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the five most common reiki healing symbols. You’ll be able to read through the information provided here and learn which of these symbols may be a good place for you to start learning and practicing.

Read on to learn more about each reiki symbol.

Option #1


How to draw:

  1. Draw this symbol as a spiral. It can go in either direction, clockwise or counterclockwise. Although some reiki healers may believe the symbol works differently depending on the direction in which it’s drawn, most believe the power of reiki will do what it needs to do regardless of how the symbol is drawn.


  • This symbol is called Cho Ku Rei. This option represents gathering the universe’s energies and powers and placing them at the location where the spiral reaches its center. This offer can be thought of as a switch that turns on one’s abilities and connections to the universal energy.

Uses and benefits:

  • The main purpose of this symbol is to allow the practitioner to connect with the universal energy and to amplify their own strengths throughout the healing session.
  • It can also be used to end the treatment and ensure the healing energies stay where they need to in the client’s body.

Option #2

Distance Healing

How to draw:

  1. First, draw a horizontal line. Cross it with a vertical line. Draw two diagonal lines coming from the point where the first two lines meet, on either side. Then cross the bottom of the central line with a smaller horizontal line.
  2. Next, draw a new horizontal line and cross it with a diagonal line. Beneath that, draw the top of a box with a short line inside it, then close the box with a long horizontal line. Draw a vertical line descending from the horizontal line, with a horizontal line branching from its right and a vertical line on its left.
  3. Finally, draw two swooping diagonal lines with a horizontal line between them. Draw a 7-like shape with a “tail” coming off of it at the bottom right. Finish the symbol with two half-circles.


  • This symbol is known as Hon Sha Ze Sho. It is intended for healing over long distances and implies that reiki is timeless and can travel anywhere and at any time it needs to be. This choice can be used for sending healing energy to friends, family, or clients around the world, and it can also be used to help heal places affected by disaster.

Uses and benefits:

  • This symbol can be used to heal trauma from the past. This option can help clients work on bad memories and difficult pasts that they need to process in healthy, positive, and uplifting ways.
  • It can also be used to send healing energies to people who are not present at all, even via phone or video chat. In order to do this, the recipient’s name must be written on a piece of paper, and the symbol must be drawn in the air above it. After the session is over, it is ended with a clap.

Option #3


How to draw:

  1. Draw a horizontal line crossed by two diagonal lines.
  2. Draw three short lines that point toward a second horizontal line. Extend a diagonal line from the left side and a hooked line like a backwards J from the right.
  3. Draw a rectangle with a horizontal bar through it. Next to that, draw two vertical lines, one in the shape of a checkmark, connected by three horizontal lines.


  • This symbol is also called Dai Ko Myo. It is a symbol of understanding, comprehension, and insight. This offer represents the ability to look within and to grasp truths about oneself and the universe.

Uses and benefits:

  • Draw the symbol on your palms first and then draw it again over the chakra of the person who is receiving the energy.
  • This symbol can improve psychic abilities, cleanse auras, and boost the effectiveness of other symbols.

Option #4


How to draw:

  1. This symbol is very easy to draw. It is simply a lightning bolt with a couple of zigzag shapes within it.


  • This symbol is not one of the original reiki symbols. However, it has been adopted by many reiki practitioners and continues to be used with great success.
  • The symbol represents energy manifesting from the universe to the reiki practitioner and to the recipient.

Uses and benefits:

  • Use this symbol in order to balance your own energies as well as those of your client. You can use it to ground, center, and refocus during a reiki healing session.

Option #5

Mental Healing

How to draw:

  1. First, draw a long zig-zag vertical line with four bends in it at various intervals.
  2. Next, draw a long, curved vertical line on the right side of the first line. Finish with two half-circle “bumps” on the right side of the second line.


  • This symbol represents the connection between the subconscious and the conscious in the recipient of its healing energies. It is protective and guards against mental upset.

Uses and benefits:

  • Draw this symbol over chakras that are in need of healing. Repeat the process to encourage long-lasting benefits.
  • This symbol can be used to help with difficult relationships, improve self-confidence, work on mental illnesses, deal with bad habits and addictions, and much more.


Do you feel like you’ve learned a little bit about reiki healing symbols? There are a lot more out there, and it can take some time to really get the hang of them all. Start with these five and then branch out from there in order to learn as efficiently as possible.

Is it possible to use more than one reiki symbol at a time, or should you stick to just one per session? Generally, it’s better to use one per problem. Depending on the length of your session, that may mean just one per session as well. However, some symbols can be combined in order to enhance their effectiveness, and others can be used at various stages of the healing process as well.

Here are a few more suggestions for using your reiki symbols wisely:

  • Always speak with the client before the session to find out what they want to work on. From there, you can choose the right symbols for the job.
  • Only use symbols you feel comfortable using.
  • Don’t overload your healing session with more than two or three symbols at most.

With practice, you’ll get the hang of using these symbols in no time!


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