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Do you love practicing Reiki or are you someone who loves to practice yoga?

Would you like to try out a new form of reiki that everyone seems to love?

Are you interested or curious to find out about reiki yoga and know how you can do it yourself?

If you are looking for more information on anything related to reiki yoga, then we have all that information right here. In this article, we will take a look at reiki yoga, whether or not it is really possible to combine these two forms and have something that is truly helpful, and more information about it.

We will tell you what this type of reiki is, how it is different from the traditional form of reiki, how you can do it on your own and the many benefits that you can get once you start practicing reiki yoga. So without looking anywhere else, just scroll down.

Is it possible to combine reiki and yoga?

Reiki masters and yoga teachers have realized that while both the practices have their benefits in different ways, once you mix the two, you get a more combined and powerful form of practice that brings double benefits.

How do reiki principles enhance one’s yoga practice?

  • If you are willing to try out reiki or yoga as a separate practice, then reiki yoga can work for you even better.
  • Once you unblock prana by using various yoga poses, you will easily be able to incorporate reiki into the practice and use it for yourself or others.

How can you do reiki yoga?

Check out these videos tutorials that will show you how you can easily start practicing reiki yoga in the comfort of your home:

3 helpful videos from YouTube that you can use or refer to

Option #1

Reiki Yoga by Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher Certified Yoga Teacher

  1. In this video, you will see how to do Reiki Yoga in a very simple yet very effective way.
  2. This short asana and posture sequence will be infused with reiki.
  3. You can do this at any time of the day.
  4. It is especially good to try out when you want to feel more grounded, present, are looking for clarity or just want to relax.
  5. Sit down, cross your legs and keep your back straight.
  6. Close your eyes and elongate your spine.
  7. Start focusing on your breathing and focus on the inhale and exhale part.
  8. With every breath you exhale, let go anything that is troubling your mind, any expectations, any fear holding you back, your to-do list, your busy deadlines, your hurt, your anger and anything else that is hurting you and holding you back.
  9. With every breath you inhale, let yourself be fully present in the moment.
  10. Bring in your hands in front of your lower belly and follow the breathing motion of the master, with special attention to the inhaling and exhaling.
  11. Let your rib cage rise inflate and deflate as you breathe in and out.
  12. Inhale with your heart on your heart and exhale with your hand on your heart.
  13. Feel the energy flowing in and moving through your body, bringing in positive vibes and energy.
  14. Keep continuing breathing in this way, with your breathing deep and long and slow.
  15. Make sure that you are able to feel the breathe move through all your body.
  16. Now bring your hands in a pranaam pose in front of you and bow your head.
  17. Exhale out with a long chant of Om.
  18. Stretch your arms upwards and outwards on the sides and repeat the same, all the while exhaling and inhaling along with the master.
  19. The breathing motions will continue as you take one hand on the back from your side and turn towards your side.
  20. The same pose has to be repeated on the other side as well.
  21. With every pose and stretch that you do, make sure you keep breathing in and out with deep and long and slow breaths.

Option #2

Reiki Yoga for an energized and renewed feeling in the morning

  1. This particular reiki yoga session is especially meant for the morning, as it will help to infuse you with all the energy and freshness you need in the morning to have a wonderful, positive and happy day.
  2. Kneel on the edge of the mat in the vajrasana pose.
  3. Place your arms on the thighs with the palms facing downwards and keep your eyes closed.
  4. Now start focusing on your breathing.
  5. Start to inhale deep and slow, and exhale out deep and slow.
  6. With every breath you exhale, try and throw out all the negative emotions that are holding you back and hurting you.
  7. Let go of anything that is troubling you, such as expectations, any fear that may be holding you back, your to-do list for the day, your busy deadlines and schedule ahead in the day, any hurt you have, any anger you are holding on to, and anything else that is hurting you and holding you back.
  8. With every breath that you inhale, feel yourself fully present in the moment and feel the good energy and positive vibes coming in to you.
  9. Follow the poses and stretches of the master while breathing in and out with long and slow breaths.

Option #3

Yoga with Reiki especially for the hips

  1. This particular reiki yoga session is especially meant for your hips, to treat any injuries or problems you may have in that particular area, and also improve your sexual health and energy.
  2. This is a quick session that will help you heal your hips.
  3. Lie down flat on your mat, close your eyes and start breathing in and out with long slow breaths.
  4. Focus attention on the hips and feel the energy in the specified area.
  5. Follow the poses and stretches of the master while breathing in and out with long and slow breaths.

3 Benefits of Reiki Yoga

Now that you have seen how to practice reiki yoga, here are 3 of the most powerful benefits you can get when you try it out:

1. Brings forth a potent surge of prana:

  • During yoga, you have to hold your breath and then breathe out during most of the poses.
  • When you combine reiki to this and focus it on specific areas while continuing with the pose, it creates a potent surge of prana that can make you feel more enlightened and elevate your senses.

2. Unblock injured areas:

  • This is often a very useful way to deal with any injuries you have had and heal the specified area, reducing pain.
  • You can use the energy from reiki to loosen up any blocked energy in the affected area and then use yoga to feel the prana run through the same area and the entire body.

3. Over time, they become the same:

  • Once you start practicing reiki yoga, you will realize that soon it becomes very difficult to differentiate between the two.
  • You will end up performing reiki in yoga, or yoga in reiki, and feel a higher sense of peace, happiness, confidence, relaxation, and also a new energy and life force flowing through you.

Now that you know how to practice reiki yoga and know about its many benefits, we hope you will give it a try.

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